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Welcome to the Astrology of the Soul, Cosmic News page.

Astrology of the soul presents a model of astrology which aims to provide students and clients with a powerful diagnostic tool for understanding and navigating personality development. Incorporating astrology, elements of transpersonal psychology as well as various philosophies, these powerful concepts are interwoven to allow us to gain a deeper, richer and thorough model of astrology. We also incorporate a number of arts & sciences with our astrology which allows you to expand your knowledge and your transpersonal self with Tarot, Mythology, Numerology, Kabbalah, Rituals and many more. Here you can learn various levels and aspects of astrology, attend public workshops/seminars, study online, receive mailings and browse our website.

Working with the Moon, every other Friday, we will be bringing you news from the cosmos. What is going on in the Heavens and how it is affecting us down on Earth!

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Check in every other week to see what the universe has in store for you!!

We look forward to seeing you

The Astrology of the Soul team

Tune in to the Cosmic Blueprints show every Saturday morning, 9am – 12pm. The show aims to bring and share knowledge which enlightens us to a deeper awareness of ourselves in order to bring a greater whole. Various Subjects which cover Esoteric, Astrology, Numerology, Occult, Mysticism, Health, Psychology, Mythology, Rituals, Spirituality, Magik and many more!

Be sure to tune in on http://www.oneharmonyradio.com

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