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As the Eclipse fever continues, these are very interesting times. Saturn is moving retrograde in Sagittarius, Jupiter is also moving retrograde, although He comes out of retrograde on 8th April, and we have had the last of the Uranus-Pluto Square alignments. We are now approaching another lunar eclipse in the sign of Libra, so the energy is very high and although it can be tense, it is a great time for breakthroughs and to initiate and achieve things.


So let’s have a look at how this Full Moon/lunar eclipse in Libra is going to affect you and in what way you may be able to navigate and work with it. Libra is a very interesting sign. Firstly, we must take into account that Libra is an air sign and also a Cardinal sign. Cardinal signs such as Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn are all in sync with the beginning of the seasons, for those of us who live in the northern hemisphere. Aries parallels with Spring, Cancer with Summer, Libra with Autumn and Capricorn with Winter. All of these signs are to do with initiating something or bringing something into being, so because of this, there will be an extra emphasis with this Full Moon eclipse, because of the strong initiating and Cardinal energy behind it.


As we know, there are 12 signs in the Zodiac. Each one of the signs, starting from Aries and ending in Pisces, has an opposite sign. This is the place where you will start to get a sense of what Libra is about and how it will manifest for you. If you began counting from the first Zodiac sign starting with Aries, Libra is the first Zodiac sign that will have an opposite sign, which will be Aries and which is also the Sun sign we are currently in. Also, Libra is the sign that is in the middle of the 12 Zodiac signs, so right there we get a sense that Libra is connected with a sense of relationship and relating, as Libra is the first sign in the Zodiac that makes an opposite sign. The saying ‘opposites attract’ truly resonates with this cosmic formation. As Libra is in the middle of the 12 signs, this also symbolises on some level, balance, which is what the symbol of Libra actually is. It is the image of the balance scales, which is connected with fairness, law and justice and diplomacy.


So the sign of Libra is where you learn to relate and integrate yourself and really get a sense of what relationships are about. It is where you will make an accommodation to another individual in a one-to-one relationship. Do bear in mind that these relationships do not necessarily have to be intimate ones. Although the area of intimate relationships do become more magnified around this time, if you are currently single, this can be a great time to socialise and seek where areas of your relationships can develop. Libra is ruled by the planet Venus, and Venus is currently in the sign of Taurus, so She is sure to bring harmony and cooperation to relationships on all levels.

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This is the time to bring things to a head, down to earth and under your focus. This Full Moon/lunar eclipse in Libra will put a heavy emphasis and focus on relationships. This could be either with your intimate partner, your lover, business partner, one’s competitor or opponent, and even your enemy or close friend. Lunar eclipses very often tend to bring things to a head, to manifestation, or to fruition. It will add to and colour the event even more. This is a time when relationships come into full manifestation, whether it is an ending or a beginning. Very often, business agreements could be finalised or resolved in some way shape or form. It can also be the beginning and the end of a conflict between two competitors, enemies or rivals. You will become more committed in the area of relationships; it could be a sign of marriage or a divorce. It all depends from which angle it is approached. There is going to be very powerful and initiating energy around relationships, You will be more inclined to be more good-natured, gracious, charming and easier to get along with. During this Full Moon/lunar eclipse phase, your attention is going to be geared towards beauty, love and romance.


Libra is also an air sign, which is very much mental orientated and connected to the mind. Libra has a tendency to have very strong ideals, especially in the area of relationships, and because of this, do not be surprised if your thoughts are turned to interests such as the arts, music, dancing, painting or even ballet, where you may seek that ideal. Libra energy loves the idea of love or being in love. You could go on a search for the romantic ideal. This is a very strong time when you may heighten your perception of beauty, and that will be reflected in your appearance. You could change your hairstyle or type of makeup, or you could dress in a new way; lovelier and more glamorous in this particular Full Moon eclipse period. Anything that will allow you to look more attractive to a potential partner is possible around this time. You can become another person orientated and want to interact on a one-to-one basis much more than usual.

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It is probable that you will make connections with other people which will provide a distinct and beneficial union and this will make your affairs flow along in a more harmonious and balanced way. The Libra archetype is highly civilised in spirit and is expressed through working with others in order to create an atmosphere of cooperation, where people with opposing viewpoints can achieve a balanced and mutual satisfying accord. Also because Full Moon/lunar eclipses occur at the same degree in the same sign only once every 19 years, depending on one’s age, there may be echoes from the past that will tend to resurface or repeat themselves, so this is a very important observation to take on board.


To conclude, relationships on all levels will be the great focus for this Full Moon/lunar eclipse in Libra. This is one of the reasons why Libra is often associated with the gifted diplomat and peacemaker in both personal and professional life. Even though the willingness of this sign is to harmonise rather than antagonise, it has earned Libra the reputation of being indecisive. This is because the Libra archetype has a tendency to see an objective truth on both sides and it is constantly trying to weigh up its options to gain balance. So as we are in the new season of Spring, be mindful of relationships that you are creating and those that already exist. Be sure to focus your attention on harmony, balance, fairness and diplomacy on all levels. If you are single at this particular period, be sure to socialise and seek to harmonise through your charm. This is a great period to begin and initiate new relationships, so be sure to be balanced with this beautiful Full Moon/lunar eclipse in Libra.

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