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This New Moon/Solar Eclipse in Pisces is one of the best times for you to do a lot of personal work on a very deep emotional and psychological level. This is the place where you can do a lot of self-reflection, reflecting on how the past year has been for you; and through this self-reflection, you will realise what needs to come to an end and be completed in your life and where the rebirth can take place for you to move onto bigger and better things.

You are sure to be more sensitive, emotional, interactive, perceptive and creative. All of these are tools which can allow you, when used appropriately, to create and give birth to many of your hidden strengths and talents; strengths and talents that you may not even be aware of, that lie deep within your subconscious. There will be a strong need for you to focus on your inner world. This is something that is very crucial, because if you find yourself looking for things in the external world, you may find your visions and ideas being very distorted and blurred, which can bring about much confusion. It is very important to be aware of what is taking place in your own space.

With this New Moon in Pisces, your intuition will be heightened, which can aid and guide you into various spiritual interests and subjects which are gateways into the meaning of life, such as yoga, meditation, visualisation and working with dreams. These are some of the many things that you may find yourself drawn to during this particular period. This can also be a great time for you to go on a retreat, where you can go deep within and can come up with a new understanding of your needs and who you are. It is a great time to explore your inner world.

The home is usually a haven during this period, and you can even become domestically creative and express your artistic qualities there too. It is best to take caution with any kind of drugs, alcohol or anything that can lead to over-indulgence in any way during this period, as the Pisces energy very often has trouble with boundaries. This can also be a time when you can dream your most wonderful dreams and be truly inspired in and through your creative work. For musicians, poets, painters or anybody who is in a field which is very artistic and creative, this can be one of the most potent and profound times which would be most useful and expressive for your work. It is a time of true heightened creativity and inspiration.

So with this New Moon in Pisces, be mindful of your inner world, your inner thoughts and feelings. Be sure to reflect on your actions over the past year. This is a time to be confined to your own space and time, and although it is and can be a very quiet period externally, internally it will be one of the most inspirational and creative moments of the year!

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2 thoughts on “COSMIC NEWS

  1. Hey Israel,

    It was a pleasure to bump in to you on Saturday – and I was very sorry we did not have longer to catch up. Where did you disappear to?! (Had you come in support of the Lodge?)

    You did make me laugh, suggesting that I should read your chart… I could just imagine you chuckling to yourself at my inexperienced efforts. I would, of course, be very happy to have a go, but no doubt you could teach me a thing or two. 😉

    I had a great time at the Faculty day. Darby is a wonderful speaker – and it was an enjoyable, happy event. Hopefully I’ll be back there next year collecting my own Faculty Certificate… I bizarrely travelled all the way to London to meet an astrologer who lives in Bournemouth. So that was a pleasant surprise! She’s agreed to come with me to the next meeting of the Dorset Astrologers on Wednesday – it’s not quite as happening as the London astrology scene, but we have plans for growth! Maybe one day you could come and speak to us?

    I enjoyed reading your recent post about the eclipse. I have never enjoyed an eclipse so much! – nor felt so personally tuned in to its transformative energies. This astrology stuff is powerful shit, hey?! Was it a good one for you?

    I’m going to be back at Wyboston Lakes at the end of this week – but for my work this time. (I’m training up two editors from Kazakstan with the help of a Russian translator.) It will be strange to be back there without a fellow astrologer in sight, but it will give me the chance to relive my happy memories of the Conference, such as Rick Levine being the very first person I met when I arrived (how cool is that?!).

    I’m coming up to London for the LSA Astrology Student Conference on 9-10 May. I’m curious to see how the LSA does things compared to the Faculty – no doubt the ‘vibe’ will be quite different. I’ve paid extra to do the nodes workshop, as my solar arc Moon (in early Aries) is applying to form a cardinal cross with my nodal axis, including Saturn on SN, Lilith on NN and Pluto square. So, I’d best be prepared for the oncoming storm, as they say… I need to engage with Lilith and start channelling my inner Aries!!

    Anyhow, I wanted to say a proper ‘hello’ as, having experienced the pleasure of seeing you, I was very disappointed not to have the chance to chat for longer.

    take care, Caro xxx

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