virgo moon

This is the last Full Moon of the seasonal year and the last Full Moon before the Spring Equinox, so this would probably be a great period for you to decide to go and see your doctor for a health check-up and see how well your body is functioning.

exerciseAreas of work are sure to be magnified during this period, as work becomes very important. You may even be overworked and in fact, you may be working for or on behalf of others. You may find that the area of your work has increased but yet the salary and recognition stays the same. This is a time, depending on the nature of your business, where you may hire a new employee, or establish a set of new priorities for employees or yourself in a productive work situation. You will find yourself more focused on organising your workplace and setting new goals for yourself and employees if you have any.


You will find yourself doing major housecleaning at this time of the year, as there will be a feel and need to get your house in order and get organised. You can find yourself being very critical, picky, and concerned with order within your surroundings and you may also be critical of others. Virgo is the sign that also presides over pets, so you may find yourself being drawn to wanting to get a pet in the house, perhaps a cat or dog etc, or you may find that if you already have a pet, it becomes more of a focus in your life during this period.

lady and wheat2

So with this Full Moon in Virgo taking place, be mindful and aware of your daily routines, work and health matters, as these are very crucial areas of your life which will help you live a more fulfilling and balanced lifestyle. Make sure you are mindful of what you are integrating into your life. As it is a Full Moon in Virgo, this will represent a harvest period, so it is an ending of a cycle and preparation for a new beginning which will start towards the end of the month of March with the sign of Aries. So be sure to end something which is no longer functioning or viable in your life, and integrate something new into your daily routine which is orderly and healthy. Make sure to separate the wheat from the chaff in your life, just as the Virgo archetype needs to do.

full moon1

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