New Moon in Gemini  

Tuesday 16 June 2015


Moving on from last month’s New Moon in Taurus where we slowed down and got into the earthy realm, we now move into a New Moon in the sign of Gemini. As these New Moon activities take place every month it guides and points us into a new direction of things to be observed and integrated into our lives. So on 16th June 2015 we will be witnessing a New Moon in the sign of Gemini, and also a few days later on Monday 22 June, we shall be witnessing the summer solstice where the sun will enter 0° Cancer. This is a time of new beginnings as Cancer is a cardinal sign, so this will energise and add more of a kick to the New Moon in Gemini taking place six days before. So what does this mean for you? And how will it affect you?

Well Gemini is the sign of the twins, the double or the dual part of us. On an everyday level, Gemini can be very restless, inquisitive and can be reluctant to be identified with just one direction or viewpoint. Gemini is an air sign, and as such is very free with lots of movement to its nature, Gemini resents being trapped by obligations which curtail the freedom to explore and exchange ideas. So this is what Gemini essentially is about. It’s about the ability to communicate, exchange ideas and connect from one-dimension to another. This is why many people who have strong Gemini traits in their birth charts are very happy working in fields such as research, communications, media, teaching and even travelling.

The Gemini energy and consciousness is very movable and is capable of multitasking. As such, there is a tendency to get bored very easily. So with the New Moon in Gemini we can expect all of these things to be magnified. So with this New Moon in Gemini you can expect the new beginning of intellectual and learning activities to be stimulated. You can expect to be engaging in lots of conversations, gossip and talks with siblings, close friends and neighbours. You can expect more mental activity than any other time of the year, especially since the planet that rules Gemini which is Mercury, is also in the sign of Gemini at present, and Mercury came out of retrograde on the 11th of this month meaning that the planet Mercury is moving forward and direct so this is bound to add more stimulation to the Gemini New Moon.

You may find yourself starting to study more and doing things like reading and writing or preparing for an examination. This is a great time when you can develop a very strong and intellectual pursuit. You will find yourself seeking mental stimulation and your mind will become very active and alert on all levels. You will become very communicative and you will find yourself easily being able to grasp things because your mind is hungrier for knowledge and a new kind of perception takes place. Very often during this phase people tend to think about going back to school, university or taking up some kind of learning course. You will find yourself becoming much more expressive in your communication, even if you are not very verbal; this is a time when your verbal communication is very active.

You will also notice that you will become much more sociable around this time, whether it is with friends, colleagues or close family members, this is an activity which is guaranteed. It is also a time when talents that you possess that lay dormant will now come to the surface of your consciousness and you become much more aware of them and express them too. This is the time when you are more thoughtful, perceptive and studious. So there will be a lot more writing, studying and reading, and all things that have to do with correspondence because Gemini is the sign of corresponding, so things like signing of papers and contracts, buying and selling, exchanging and lots of commuting within your local area.

It is a time when you can be made to feel more restless than other times in your life. So during this New Moon in Gemini period make sure that you are mindful of your mental and intellectual activities. You will be prone to talk incessantly and switch from topic to topic on a whim. It is a great time to take advantages of your quick-wittedness and fast thinking. It is a great time to draw on your creative and resourceful ideas and mobilise them so they can be of great benefit. It is a good time to use your skills of communication to your advantage whether through negotiation or getting somebody to see your point of view.

Although you may be feeling a little bit restless during this particular period, it is a very exciting time as you will be learning so much from jumping from one thing to another in such a short space of time. And because it is a time of mental stimulus, make sure you do not fall into the trap of superficial gossiping as that can become a vice. Do enjoy your wonderful and exciting conversations with new social groups, and enjoy the new things that you are bound to learn during this period as it will expand your horizons and your mental perception.

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libra moon

As the Eclipse fever continues, these are very interesting times. Saturn is moving retrograde in Sagittarius, Jupiter is also moving retrograde, although He comes out of retrograde on 8th April, and we have had the last of the Uranus-Pluto Square alignments. We are now approaching another lunar eclipse in the sign of Libra, so the energy is very high and although it can be tense, it is a great time for breakthroughs and to initiate and achieve things.


So let’s have a look at how this Full Moon/lunar eclipse in Libra is going to affect you and in what way you may be able to navigate and work with it. Libra is a very interesting sign. Firstly, we must take into account that Libra is an air sign and also a Cardinal sign. Cardinal signs such as Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn are all in sync with the beginning of the seasons, for those of us who live in the northern hemisphere. Aries parallels with Spring, Cancer with Summer, Libra with Autumn and Capricorn with Winter. All of these signs are to do with initiating something or bringing something into being, so because of this, there will be an extra emphasis with this Full Moon eclipse, because of the strong initiating and Cardinal energy behind it.


As we know, there are 12 signs in the Zodiac. Each one of the signs, starting from Aries and ending in Pisces, has an opposite sign. This is the place where you will start to get a sense of what Libra is about and how it will manifest for you. If you began counting from the first Zodiac sign starting with Aries, Libra is the first Zodiac sign that will have an opposite sign, which will be Aries and which is also the Sun sign we are currently in. Also, Libra is the sign that is in the middle of the 12 Zodiac signs, so right there we get a sense that Libra is connected with a sense of relationship and relating, as Libra is the first sign in the Zodiac that makes an opposite sign. The saying ‘opposites attract’ truly resonates with this cosmic formation. As Libra is in the middle of the 12 signs, this also symbolises on some level, balance, which is what the symbol of Libra actually is. It is the image of the balance scales, which is connected with fairness, law and justice and diplomacy.


So the sign of Libra is where you learn to relate and integrate yourself and really get a sense of what relationships are about. It is where you will make an accommodation to another individual in a one-to-one relationship. Do bear in mind that these relationships do not necessarily have to be intimate ones. Although the area of intimate relationships do become more magnified around this time, if you are currently single, this can be a great time to socialise and seek where areas of your relationships can develop. Libra is ruled by the planet Venus, and Venus is currently in the sign of Taurus, so She is sure to bring harmony and cooperation to relationships on all levels.

black love1

This is the time to bring things to a head, down to earth and under your focus. This Full Moon/lunar eclipse in Libra will put a heavy emphasis and focus on relationships. This could be either with your intimate partner, your lover, business partner, one’s competitor or opponent, and even your enemy or close friend. Lunar eclipses very often tend to bring things to a head, to manifestation, or to fruition. It will add to and colour the event even more. This is a time when relationships come into full manifestation, whether it is an ending or a beginning. Very often, business agreements could be finalised or resolved in some way shape or form. It can also be the beginning and the end of a conflict between two competitors, enemies or rivals. You will become more committed in the area of relationships; it could be a sign of marriage or a divorce. It all depends from which angle it is approached. There is going to be very powerful and initiating energy around relationships, You will be more inclined to be more good-natured, gracious, charming and easier to get along with. During this Full Moon/lunar eclipse phase, your attention is going to be geared towards beauty, love and romance.


Libra is also an air sign, which is very much mental orientated and connected to the mind. Libra has a tendency to have very strong ideals, especially in the area of relationships, and because of this, do not be surprised if your thoughts are turned to interests such as the arts, music, dancing, painting or even ballet, where you may seek that ideal. Libra energy loves the idea of love or being in love. You could go on a search for the romantic ideal. This is a very strong time when you may heighten your perception of beauty, and that will be reflected in your appearance. You could change your hairstyle or type of makeup, or you could dress in a new way; lovelier and more glamorous in this particular Full Moon eclipse period. Anything that will allow you to look more attractive to a potential partner is possible around this time. You can become another person orientated and want to interact on a one-to-one basis much more than usual.

lunar eclipse science

It is probable that you will make connections with other people which will provide a distinct and beneficial union and this will make your affairs flow along in a more harmonious and balanced way. The Libra archetype is highly civilised in spirit and is expressed through working with others in order to create an atmosphere of cooperation, where people with opposing viewpoints can achieve a balanced and mutual satisfying accord. Also because Full Moon/lunar eclipses occur at the same degree in the same sign only once every 19 years, depending on one’s age, there may be echoes from the past that will tend to resurface or repeat themselves, so this is a very important observation to take on board.


To conclude, relationships on all levels will be the great focus for this Full Moon/lunar eclipse in Libra. This is one of the reasons why Libra is often associated with the gifted diplomat and peacemaker in both personal and professional life. Even though the willingness of this sign is to harmonise rather than antagonise, it has earned Libra the reputation of being indecisive. This is because the Libra archetype has a tendency to see an objective truth on both sides and it is constantly trying to weigh up its options to gain balance. So as we are in the new season of Spring, be mindful of relationships that you are creating and those that already exist. Be sure to focus your attention on harmony, balance, fairness and diplomacy on all levels. If you are single at this particular period, be sure to socialise and seek to harmonise through your charm. This is a great period to begin and initiate new relationships, so be sure to be balanced with this beautiful Full Moon/lunar eclipse in Libra.

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new moon pisces1

mermaid sun and fish

This New Moon/Solar Eclipse in Pisces is one of the best times for you to do a lot of personal work on a very deep emotional and psychological level. This is the place where you can do a lot of self-reflection, reflecting on how the past year has been for you; and through this self-reflection, you will realise what needs to come to an end and be completed in your life and where the rebirth can take place for you to move onto bigger and better things.

You are sure to be more sensitive, emotional, interactive, perceptive and creative. All of these are tools which can allow you, when used appropriately, to create and give birth to many of your hidden strengths and talents; strengths and talents that you may not even be aware of, that lie deep within your subconscious. There will be a strong need for you to focus on your inner world. This is something that is very crucial, because if you find yourself looking for things in the external world, you may find your visions and ideas being very distorted and blurred, which can bring about much confusion. It is very important to be aware of what is taking place in your own space.

With this New Moon in Pisces, your intuition will be heightened, which can aid and guide you into various spiritual interests and subjects which are gateways into the meaning of life, such as yoga, meditation, visualisation and working with dreams. These are some of the many things that you may find yourself drawn to during this particular period. This can also be a great time for you to go on a retreat, where you can go deep within and can come up with a new understanding of your needs and who you are. It is a great time to explore your inner world.

The home is usually a haven during this period, and you can even become domestically creative and express your artistic qualities there too. It is best to take caution with any kind of drugs, alcohol or anything that can lead to over-indulgence in any way during this period, as the Pisces energy very often has trouble with boundaries. This can also be a time when you can dream your most wonderful dreams and be truly inspired in and through your creative work. For musicians, poets, painters or anybody who is in a field which is very artistic and creative, this can be one of the most potent and profound times which would be most useful and expressive for your work. It is a time of true heightened creativity and inspiration.

So with this New Moon in Pisces, be mindful of your inner world, your inner thoughts and feelings. Be sure to reflect on your actions over the past year. This is a time to be confined to your own space and time, and although it is and can be a very quiet period externally, internally it will be one of the most inspirational and creative moments of the year!

2 fishjpgPISCES2

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virgo moon

This is the last Full Moon of the seasonal year and the last Full Moon before the Spring Equinox, so this would probably be a great period for you to decide to go and see your doctor for a health check-up and see how well your body is functioning.

exerciseAreas of work are sure to be magnified during this period, as work becomes very important. You may even be overworked and in fact, you may be working for or on behalf of others. You may find that the area of your work has increased but yet the salary and recognition stays the same. This is a time, depending on the nature of your business, where you may hire a new employee, or establish a set of new priorities for employees or yourself in a productive work situation. You will find yourself more focused on organising your workplace and setting new goals for yourself and employees if you have any.


You will find yourself doing major housecleaning at this time of the year, as there will be a feel and need to get your house in order and get organised. You can find yourself being very critical, picky, and concerned with order within your surroundings and you may also be critical of others. Virgo is the sign that also presides over pets, so you may find yourself being drawn to wanting to get a pet in the house, perhaps a cat or dog etc, or you may find that if you already have a pet, it becomes more of a focus in your life during this period.

lady and wheat2

So with this Full Moon in Virgo taking place, be mindful and aware of your daily routines, work and health matters, as these are very crucial areas of your life which will help you live a more fulfilling and balanced lifestyle. Make sure you are mindful of what you are integrating into your life. As it is a Full Moon in Virgo, this will represent a harvest period, so it is an ending of a cycle and preparation for a new beginning which will start towards the end of the month of March with the sign of Aries. So be sure to end something which is no longer functioning or viable in your life, and integrate something new into your daily routine which is orderly and healthy. Make sure to separate the wheat from the chaff in your life, just as the Virgo archetype needs to do.

full moon1

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leo full moon


As we enter the second month of 2015, we enter that time of year again where we continue to observe various planetary movements in the heavens. The planet Mercury started moving retrograde on 21st January 2015 and will end 11th February 2015 in the sign of Aquarius. When Mercury is retrograde, best plans can go awry. Unless your plans are no plans and in that case, these plan to have no plans would work perfectly. Mercury, the planet of communication also known as the trickster, is granted permission three times a year to play his mischief on creation. Since Mercury is retrograding in Aquarius, the fixed air sign, it will affect our connections to friends, grants, governments, permits, computers and technology. It might bring a friend from the past, or help you reconnect to a group or a club you tried before and did not succeed. When he retrogrades in Aquarius, the misunderstandings will be swift but also their negative outcomes will not last long. This retrograde will affect Aquarius, Taurus, Scorpio and Leo more than other signs. It can actually benefit Libra and Gemini and to a lesser degree Aries and Sagittarius.

lion king

One of the most crucial elements in astrology is the ability to be able to understand cycles, phases and seasons, as a matter of fact your whole life is based on this principle. We go through different phases and cycles throughout our life, there are times when we enter new cycles and begin new phases and equally there are times when we fully complete and then go on to end cycles and phases. In the movie The Lion King, it is what it is referred to as the “cycle of life”. This same principle is found on a daily, monthly and yearly basis, hence you will find yourself going through various phases throughout these periods. On 3rd February 2015 there will be a Full Moon in the sign of Leo. This is pointing towards a flowering phase, a time when things come to fruition in your life. I should point out that the Full Moon in Leo is a very special one. Leo is the Zodiac sign of the lion and the lion is very majestic and kingly. It is known as the King of the Jungle and is said to be the most viewed animal in any zoo or Safari. The lion always takes the spotlight. It is the centre of attention, just as Simba was in the movie.

 sun and leo

It is also important to point out that Leo is the only star sign to be ruled by the Sun, and that the Sun is the centre of our solar system, and even the Sun is kingly as all the planets revolve and orbit around it. So everything about this star sign is special, royal and kingly. This should be of no surprise as Leo is a fire sign, and fire as we know it, is something that burns bright and illuminates wherever it may be, even though we are not really experiencing much sun in the northern hemispheres. Leo is the cosmic archetype that allows us to develop a very strong ego and self-confidence, along with self-expression and admiration and personal integrity. Whereas two weeks ago we had a New Moon in the sign of Aquarius, where it was about connecting and networking with friends, groups and the wider collective terrain, this Full Moon in Leo is much more about you and the building of your individual self. The sign of Leo allows you to become an energy source. It allows you to create a particular place inside of you that is of great strength that not only provides something for your own accomplishments, but also for others to share and enjoy. The landscape of Leo is often a very glorious and dramatic stage where you can fully express yourself and eliminate any potential dark or dull areas in your life.


With this Full Moon in Leo, it is a great time to express your feelings in a very dramatic and intense way. It is a time to be proud and very aware of self-image. As Leo loves to be the centre of attention, you will find this principle also resonating with you. It is a great time to take centre stage and become theatrical and playful. It is a great time to reap the harvest of the new creative projects and enterprises which were planted 6 months prior with the New Moon in Leo, especially if it involves music, theatre, play and any other endeavours that seek and need the limelight. You will find that whatever you do during this phase of the Full Moon in Leo will be done in a much more dramatic way, with more flair and confidence. This will be a time when public activities and amusements suddenly become the focus of your life. You may find yourself doing things that you have never done before and you may surprise your friends with your new desire to be in the spotlight and take centre stage.


One of the ways that you go about seeking that attention may be through your clothing and fashion decisions. You may find yourself wearing beautiful and bright colours and in psychology, it has been proven that when people wear beautiful and bright colours they tend to be more confident in their approach to life and Leo is that sign of confidence for sure. It is also a great time to get in touch with your inner child. This may be done through amusement places, cinema, parks, sports and many other outdoor activities, even though its mid-winter time, it may even be wise to involve the children if there are any. It is a great time to start something new in your life that will bring pleasure and enjoyment, as Leo is the sign of fun and play. Be mindful to manifest creative things that have already been planted in your life and find ways of having fun and creating new adventures.


With this Full Moon in Leo it is a great time to find where and what makes you feel special. Leo is the Zodiac sign that allows you to procreate and give birth to something very creative and powerful, so be sure to tap into the majestic, confidence and proud Leo archetype and you will be sure to experience one of the most happy and pleasant times of the year.

full moon1

Have a playful and creative Full Moon in Leo!

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